IDF 2010: Intel AppUp Store Is Open For Business

Back in January, we started to hear noise about an Intel AppStore, and people in general scoffed. Another app store? That’s the last thing we need! Well, Intel is moving forward with theirs, and it’s got some serious firepower backing it up.

How serious? Well, you’re going to be able to buy Adobe Air and Microsoft Silverlight applications on it, and it’s got support from Best Buy, Asus, Croma, and Dixons. Hot Hardware reports that Intel has really gone all out with this store idea, and while there’s a ton of other options out there, this might be the one that wins your heart (and your dollars). The store will offer free and paid apps of course, and have a “try before you buy” option, to help you weed out the crapps. Apparently the store is opening with quite a few apps as well, including some from the likes of Barnes & Noble, KONAMI, Accuweather, and Gibson Guitars.