New webOS Shots Show Off Services, Default Apps For Filetypes

A nice little package of webOS 2.0 beta shots has shown up over at Wibozi, and it’s looking nice. One very handy and apparently easily-accessed feature is setting default apps for filetypes; with the right combination of sideloading and file management, serious hacks probably won’t be necessary for webOS devices to play uncommon and nonstandard formats.

There are lots of suggested and default services shown as well, though we’re told that Dropbox and MobileMe are actually only there as part of the QuickOffice suite. That’s not to say webOS won’t have native access to those (though Dropbox seems more likely than MobileMe), just a clarification so you know what’s going on there.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the webOS tablets, personally — I think they’ll be a more open and customizable experience than iOS and more user-friendly and tablet-oriented than Android. We’ve still got Android 3.0 coming down the pipe, though, so anything could happen.

[via PreCentral and Engadget]