Smart Headlights Move To Avoid Blinding Oncoming Drivers

Don’t you just hate it when you are driving down the road at night, and that oncoming jackhole in the SUV can’t be bothered to turn his brights off? Particularly these days, when said jackhole is probably driving a car with HID headlights, and you have to stare at the white line to avoid driving off the road? Well hopefully technology can help with that. A French company is currently working on a solution that will automatically adjust your headlights to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

The concept is elegantly simple, yet complicated to implement. Valeo SA has developed a product they are calling “Beamatic Premium” that uses a camera to track where the oncoming car is, allowing motors inside the headlights to move and avoid blinding the oncoming driver. The company is currently developing two versions, one for HID and another for full LED lighting.

[via Autoblog]