TwitterNation Counter takes us all for a ride

You know how it is. You see people in your Twitter stream all retweeting some cut new Twitter app so you go and try it out. Even the great @StephenFry tried out Twifficiency, which supposedly told you how efficient you were on Twitter, but with scant explanation as to why.

Today, the same has happened with TwitterNation Counter, and I include myself in that. The Twitter app (which uses OAuth) purported to tell us who was the first in a country to join Twitter. It also, rather unsocially, auto tweeted something like:

“I’m officially Twitter user No 49 in United Kingdom! Check out Your Number at #fun #United Kingdom”

But the clue to it’s real use is in the “Counter”.

You see it’s only counting how many people use the app. If you are the 49th person in the UK to try the app (as I was) it tells you you are 49th in the UK to be on Twitter. But you’re not. You’re just the 49th to use TwitterNation Counter. Dumbo.

Count after me from the bottom…

Update: As commenters point out, you can go to your account on Twitter – Settings/Connections and revoke access for this application.

Hat tip: @tlg