MAXroam Partners With Ryanair To Offer Travelers Low-Cost Roaming

Cubic Telecom, the TechCrunch40 company behind the traveler-friendly SIM card MAXroam, has partnered with popular European airline Ryanair to slash roaming costs for travelers. Cubic Telecom’s MAXroam allows users to use their unlocked cell phones in over 180 countries, saving around 60-80% on roaming charges.

Starting today, Ryanair will slash mobile phone roaming charges by up to 70% via a 3 year exclusive partnership with MAXroam. Passengers need to purchase a MAXroam SIM card, which will provides one fixed roaming rate across 43 European countries.

Ryanair passengers can also buy a ‘roaming bundle’ which includes a phone, SIM card and €10 call credit for just €29 on Similar to the partnership the startup made with Dopplr (which was eventually acquired by Nokia), this deal is a win for MAXroam, whose service is based upon connecting with travelers who don’t want to pay expensive roaming charges issued by carriers.

Cubic Telecom also recently unveiled an iPad 3G SIM card, and launched a partnership with Qik last year.