Video: Chilean Miners Trying To Keep Up Spirits By Making Videos, Playing Games

How crazy is this Chilean mine story? Guys have been trapped down there for three weeks! And despite that, they seem to be in pretty good spirits. I mean, they’re far more cheery than anyone I know, that’s for sure.

The guys were handed a camera—not exactly a hi-def wonder, but no biggie— and have made a video of themselves for global consumption.

And while it doesn’t appear that they’re passing the time playing the Cataclysm beta, or fragging each other in Quake Live, there is a handy set of dominoes. As we all know, playing dominoes is right next to godliness.

One less thing they have to worry about: Marcelo Bielsa will still be the Chile coach when Copa América rolls around next year.

That aside, it could be a little while before those guys get out of there. They’ve already had to stretch their three-day supply of rations to last around three weeks, and it’s said that they may be down there for another four months.

Lastly: if all you have to worry about is whether or not someone tags you in Facebook without your permission, well, at least you’re not trapped 700m below the surface of the earth.