Virgin Mobile shifts up their MiFi plan: $40. Unlimited. Contract-free. Glorious.

Man, these pre-paid carriers are really learning to pull on a geek’s heartstrings. Just months ago, Boost launched the US’ first Android-powered prepaid phone, the Moto i1. Now, Virgin Mobile is offering up what may very well be the best mobile broadband plan around.

This morning Virgin Mobile is launching a $40-bucks-for-30-days Unlimited Mobile Broadband/MiFi plan, whilst simultaneously doing away with their old tiered $20/$40/$60 data packages. If you don’t use nearly enough data to warrant anything labeled as “unlimited”, they’re still offering a $10 plan that gets you up to 100 megabytes of access for 10 days.

If there’s a better deal on mobile broadband out there, I don’t know of it.