HTC T8788 packs Windows Phone 7 and a hidden speaker

Contrary to what thoughts the name may invoke, the T8788 is not a Terminator. That is, unless Skynet ever made a Windows Phone 7-powered Terminator whose sole purpose was to pump tunes out of a hidden slide-out speaker — which, while cool, doesn’t really seem like a good fit for them.

Engadget managed to dig up the shot above, which shows what’s sure to be the T8788’s most touted feature. See it? That slide out bit? That’s no keyboard — that’s a slide-out speaker. Combine that with the kickstand on the back, and we may very well be lookin’ at the first media-focused WinPho7 handset.

Though there’s no carrier branding in view on this unit, their sources promise’m this ones headed for AT&T. Along with the LG C900 and the Samsung Cetus, that’s at least three WinPho7 handsets destined for AT&T; looks like they’re really trying to get a lock on this OS early.