T-Mobile G2, LG C900, and Samsung Cetus all make their early photographic debuts

Man, oh man — just when we were starting to think that it was a slow week in terms of handset leaks, it seems a venerable geyser has been struck. Not one, not two, but three handsets have just made their way in front of the good ol’ spy cam. Two of ’em are WinPho 7 handsets, one is rockin’ the Android.

The hat tip goes to Engadget, the prospectors behind the discovery of Old Leakful:

  • T-Mobile G2/HTC Vision: While it’s technically not the first time this ones been caught on camera, these are certainly the best shots of it so far. It’s Android-powered with an always-welcome 1Ghz chip inside — and check out that keyboard. You feel that funny feeling? That’s love, friends.
  • Samsung Cetus: Remember that odd little WinPho7 that would purportedly bring video calling to the platform? Say hello to the Cetus. As I’d predicted, ths thing is AT&T-bound.
  • LG C900: While it doesn’t have the flashiest name of the bunch (LG is sort of terrible at naming things), this one doesn’t seem too shabby. We don’t know much about the insides — but given that it’s a WinPho7 handset and there are minimum specs involved there, it’s running at at least 1 Ghz with a screen of either 480×800 or 480×320. Much to our delight, this one’s packing a QWERTY keyboard as well.