Verizon testing unlimited text/talk/data plans for $100 in select markets

Look out, Sprint: your $100 Unlimited Everything plan might not be a unique selling point for too much longer.

People in San Diego and Los Angeles, California recently started receiving offers to nab Verizon’s National Talk and Text plan — usually a $90 per-month affair — for just $70 bucks as part of a regional test. Paired with Verizon’s $30 unlimited data plan, that brings the cost for unlimited text, talk, and data down to $100 bucks a month, matching it feature-for-feature and dollar-for-dollar with Sprint’s offering.

Of course, it’s quite possible that Verizon has no intentions of rolling out this plan beyond San Diego and Los Angeles any time soon. And why would they? They’ve still got a reasonably large lead over AT&T as the largest carrier in the US (92.1 million vs 90.1 million) — and with a Verizon iPhone looking more likely than ever, they probably won’t have too hard of a time maintaining it. Verizon’s presumably not about to give up $20 bucks per month per customer out of the niceness of their heart, you know?

[Via FierceWireless]