$150 Special Edition Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Comes With Remote Control Car

There will be at least two special editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops. There’s the Hardened Edition and the Prestige Edition, the Prestige being the fancier of the two. But let’s start with the Hardened Edition.

Mr. Hardened comes with the game, four extra multi-player maps (ugh, way to splinter your player base, Activision), avatar clothes, and a medal.

Mr. Prestige comes with all of the above, and adds a remote control car that transmits audio and video. The car has a 200-foot range and is based on a vehicle found in the multi-player mode.

Now, prices. Hardened will set you back $80, while the Prestige costs $150 (!).

I’m sorry, but $150 for a game and a toy car seems 100 percent insane. Now, no one’s forcing you to buy these fancy-pants editions, but man alive that’s quite a bit of scratch.