The $88,000 Home Theater In A Box From JBL Synthesis And Mark Levinson

HTiB systems aren’t generally something to be proud of. They’re usually sub-par components from mainstream CE companies that carry massive profit margins for both the retailer and manufacturer. But this system from JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson is a bit different — at least concerning the sub-par components part. The Synthesis One Array ML Premier is just about as good as home audio can get. At least it should be with an $88,100 MSRP.

The system combines the best of Harman Audio’s brands together in one system. The JBL Synthesis One Array provides all the speakers, interconnects, along with the digital equalizer and THX Sound Processor, while the four Mark Levinson 500H Series Amps powers everything. The only thing not included in the $88K price is installation and calibration. When those are considered, the price will probably be closer to $100,000. Then of course you’re going to need a display/projector, screen, dedicated media room with proper sound damping, theater seating, some sort of overpriced remote or home automation system and an antique popcorn maker.

So yeah, this might be one of the best HTiB systems available, but it’s far from a complete system. There’s a lot more required at this level than just speakers and amps. But it’s a good place to start.