Modified Konstructs Announces Custom Media Center

In the market for a media center PC? You might want to take a look at the new kid, Modified Konstructs. Modified just announced their first product, the MK-X1 Media Center. Based on the Acer Revo chassis, and pre-loaded with XBMC, the MK-X1 sounds like an ideal media center set up for someone who wants more then the bare bones set top box, but doesn’t want to spend a bunch.

The MK-X1 uses XBMC, which allows you to access all of your stored media across your home network. The Revo PC has the necessary power to decode your video files, but the small form factor fits well in your entertainment center. The MK-X1 has a built in HDMI port, audio out, and everything else you need to control it from your couch. XBMC is constantly being upgraded do to its open source nature, and is very customizable. Picking up an MK-X1 will set you back around $300, and is currently only available on the Modified Konstructs website.