Verizon's Galaxy S (Fascinate) and Samsung Gem pictured

Pretty much every major US carrier decided to pick up, modify, and show-off Samsung’s Android-powered wunderphōn, the Galaxy S. Yet, despite announcing it back in June, there’s still one variant that hasn’t been revealed: Verizon’s Fascinate. Well until today, that is…

Clearly, either Verizon or Samsing have a mole in their midst, as another Verizon-bound Samsung also leaked today: the entry-level Samsung Gem.

The specs of the Gem are practically non-existent, it’s just known to have a smaller screen than the Fascinate, and will run the same TouchWiz 3.0 UI (love it or hate it).

And, of course, you already know the specs of the Fascinate: take a Galaxy S, reduce the on-board storage to 2GB, and throw in a camera flash. I know I’d prefer a flash over the extra on-board storage (microSD FTW), so it’s a winner in my books.

The Gem is expected to launch early September, with the Fascinate following it later in the month. No word on pricing just yet.

[via IntoMobile]