The Oregon Scientific ATC9K Is Designed With The Outdoors In Mind

Cameras and the outdoors generally do not get along that well. Either you have to sit on the sidelines with your camera while your buddies hoon around or you risk smashing your camera against a tree or curb. Well, while the shock resistant and waterproof to 65-feet ATC9K certainly isn’t indestructible, it is a bit more tough than your average shooter and can probably keep up with your extreme lifestyle.

The Oregon Scienticfic ATC9K All-Terrain video camera shoots 1080p60 video and 5MP stills, along with featuring a built-in image stabilizer and GPS sensor. There’s even a lens-mounted laser pointer to help line up your shot better. It also comes with a mount for your handlebar, helmet, or nearly anything else. Not a bad kit camera for only $299.

Update: There’s a contest! Click over to the ATC’s Facebook page for all the details.