The Ewee-PT, A Budget German Segway

People movers. What would we do without them? Walk, I suppose. Unfortunately, that’s not the best solution for some, whom age, injury, or circumstance have rendered less than ambulatory. For them, the Segway (or its peanut-esque cousin, Honda’s U3-X) may be a bonanza.

It was only so long before the knock-offs hit; it’s testament to the Segway’s legitimately innovative design that it took until now for something like this to hit. Or maybe it’s just that no one thought it worthwhile.

The Ewee-PT (don’t ask me) is a Segway knock-off just the way Chinese iClones are: ape the functionality, mimic the look, and reduce the cost. In this case, the functionality isn’t really complete: while it does balance on its own and you lean to accelerate or decelerate, you control steering with a joystick. The look is present, and I actually prefer it over the SkyMall-chic of the original. This one looks like they put it together in shop class, and it lends it a form of authenticity. Those little wheels might not be sufficient for off-roading, though.

And the cost is certainly reduced. It’s selling for €799, or around $1039 — a fraction of the cost of a new Segway. You can use the money you saved to buy some friends, nerd!

[via Engadget]