Call of Duty may go subscription according to analysts

Oh the irony. For years, players of games like Medal of Honor, Halo, and Call of Duty have made fun of MMORPG players because of the recurring subscription requirement. If analyst predictions are correct, however, they may soon be eating their words.

Recently, analysts predicted that Activision will be using a subscription service for their incredibly popular Call of Duty game. Activision was quick to deny the rumor, stating that online play will always be free. Of course, there’s free and then there is free. Today, another analyst firm jumped onto the bandwagon, and predicted that Activision will still announce a subscription play for COD, but instead of being required to play at all, it would just drop better items, and have more new maps. Given the fact that the analysts predict that 4 to 5 million of the current COD players would pop for the premium version, that would pretty much print money for Activision. I guess they learned something from the Blizzard acquisition after all.

[via Business Insider]