When anti-piracy agencies use Mafia tactics to stop you from downloading Justin Bieber songs

Nothing like helping out your fellow man. As you know, copyright infringement, known as “theft” by people looking to spread FUD, is the worst crime a person can commit. I mean, you can be in charge of financial intuitions that rip off people’s money, you can be in charge of an energy company that randomly drills into the planet then feigns ignorance when something goes wrong, but hey, whatever—there are people out there downloading “Oh My Gosh.” This must be stopped!

What has emerged in recent days is that Sweden’s Antipiratbyrån (Anti-Piracy Agency, or APB) has effectively been threatening teens with retribution unless they dole out their friends’ details. You know, “Hey! We know your friends are downloading Justin Bieber 24/7. You had better tell us what sites or services they’re using, or you’re doomed.”

Doomed? All that’s mentioned is that these people could look forward to “reprisals” should they fail to cooperate.

Sounds like Mafia tactics to me.

Again, I solved this problem some time ago: just ban music altogether. The world will forever be free of “Baby,” and the record companies can open up a new business doing what they do best:making a living off the talents of others.

Admission: I actually find that Usher song, “Oh My Gosh,” rather catchy. Where do I turn in my cynical jerk membership card?