The Olive Pad is a 7-inch Android tablet inbound to India

Android tablets are popping up all around the globe and the latest just popped up for the Indian market. The only thing that makes the Olive Pad stand out from the rest is its voice calling capabilities. We don’t have all the technical deets on what sort of cellular trickery it employs, but the skinny is that it apparently works. The rest is standard fare including Android 2.1, Bluetooth, WiFi, SD card slot, mini USB port, and a front-facing camera, which may or may not be used for video chatting.

The current plan as we understand it is to launch the tablet next month in India for between Rs.20000 and Rs.25000. That works out to about $425 to $530 in United States tender. US launch you ask? Who knows at this point but there are already countless similar tablets with the Dell Streak line being the closest in price and capabilities.