Rumor: Panasonic to release consumer 3D camcorder next week

Some unnamed sources have revealed that Panasonic will be unveiling a new 3D camcorder next week — one intended for consumers, unlike its semi-pro AG-3DA1, which we saw at CES. We’ve seen other 3D cameras out there but not a lot of excitement yet, likely because the means to view the content are still expensive and inconvenient.

The new Panasonic model is reported to be the same size as a normal camcorder and (this is my guess) will probably cost around a thou. If you consider that a normal consumer Panasonic camcorder costs around $500-700, and then add on the extra lens and stuff, plus the early adopter fee… a thou sounds right to me. It could be less, though. We’ll find out next week.

[via Electronista]