MailSuite adds Twitter @replies and DMs to its unified in-box

MailSuite, the unified in-box, has added some nifty Twitter integration that makes it possible to receive and reply to @replies and Direct Messages (DM) via email. There’s also support for multiple Twitter accounts and the ability to include attachments and override Twitter’s 140 character limit, in which replies are truncated, adding a link to the full text and any attachment.

Adding an attachment or an extended message to a DM or @reply is also handled securely in that the intended recipient will need to verify their identity using Twitter’s support for OAuth. That’s a fairly elegant way of handling privacy – @replies, of course, are usually public – although it could get a bit kludgy if the recipient uses a non browser-based Twitter client and has to effectively log in a second time via a browser.

Aside from today’s newly added Twitter integration, other MailSuite features include ‘Time Management’, enabling users to categorise email accounts and contacts so that messages are only delivered during specific times e.g. no personal emails are during working hours; a social address book with support for Twitter, Facebook etc.; compression of messages sent via mobile (up to 98%); and spam filtering.

MailSuite was founded by Dan Field in March, 2010 and is backed by Harp VC.