Nokia Kinetic concept rises to the occasion

Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone
I dig concept phones. I like the way that designers can come up with ideas completely free from physical limitations, in order to inspire engineers to do new things… or something like that.

My point is that I like fresh thinking, and new (and better) ways of doing things. Like Jeremy Innes-Hopkins’ Nokia Kinetic concept.

The main idea behind the phone is a new way to receive notifications when the phone is sitting on your desk. Rather than a sound and subtle blinking light (which I usually miss when my headphones are boomin’), this phone gets your attention by standing upright. A neat little parlour trick, indeed, and one that would also come in handy when watching videos on the device.

Of course — like most concept phones — the designer only offers a vague explanation on how it will achieve it (electromagnets), leaving the technical trivialities to the engineers. The point, of course, is to get people thinking about new ways of doing things, and I think this phone does that well.

[via Slash Gear]