Nintendo's Miyamoto: The next Wii will likely not be 3D

The Nintendo Wii is the hottest thing since, well, the Nintendo Game Boy. It showed consumers (and Microsoft and Sony) that motion controllers are the future. However, even though Nintendo jumped on the 3D bandwagon with the 3DS, Nintendo’s Miyamoto doesn’t see the Wii’s successor hopping on board, too. (translation via Google)

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Will be a 3-D Wii?

Miyamoto: I do not think the next step will be ours. Wii is indeed one reason so successful, because many people do not have HDTV equipment and to appreciate what the Wii offers. The Nintendo 3DS is possible because it is a portable console and 3D glasses to work without it. For the living room would need a 3-D TV and it will take some time before enough households have 3-D TVs that the theme for the Gaming significant falls.

Simply put, there aren’t enough households with 3D TVs to justify making a 3D gaming console just yet. I totally agree and haven’t seen anything to suggest that 3D is anything more than a fad.