Dr. Wagner, Jr. leaves AAA for CMLL: How does this affect AAA: Heroes del Ring video game?

Huge news that may affect the release of AAA: Heroes del Ring, the lucha libre game that I very much enjoyed at E3 last month. The deal is that Dr. Wagner, Jr. was supposed to be on the cover of the game because his team won a match right there at E3 (see above). It was a good match, too, at least three stars. But word out of Mexico is that Dr. Wagner, Jr. has left AAA! He showed up at a CMLL (a rival promotion) show yesterday and announced his return. (He used to be a part of CMLL.) Not only that, which is crazy enough, but he showed up with the AAA title! This is chaos!

Apparently his contract with AAA had just run out. Giving him the title, as well as the cover of the video game, was seen a way to keep him with the company.

Or is this all a giant work?

Is he still with AAA, or has he really gone to CMLL? He claims to be on good terms with the AAA front office, but how can that be if he just showed up on a CMLL show?

Most importantly, what will happen to the video game cover?

Now this is an exciting story!