Want to tweet Andy Gray tomorrow on Fox Soccer Channel?

Sneijder is, in fact, the man diggity

Looks like Fox Soccer Channel has decided to embrace Twitter. It’s about time! Andy Gray, the former professional player turned TV pundit, will be on the channel’s Ticket to South Africa program tomorrow evening to discuss the ins and outs of the World Cup. How can you participate?

It’s quite simple, thank goodness. During the show, which airs live at 6pm ET/3pm ET, all you have to do is tweet your comment, question, or whatever, with the hashtag #fsctv.

Possible topics include: his thoughts on the Jabulani ball; who he thinks will win the final (and whether or not he believes that Paul the octopus is truly psychic; who the player of the tournament has been (I’d say either Sneijder, Xavi/Iniesta (they should win awards jointly), or Villa, or maybe even Forlán); and, I don’t know, what he thinks England should do to resurrect its national team.