Leica is not going to be happy about the Likea MPH

So you can’t afford to pop for a real Leica MP camera. Not a problem! Some enterprising bloke has a cheapskate alternative for you, the Likea MPH. Sure, it’s not the real thing, but it looks close and it’s $4,575 cheaper then an actual Leica.

Described as a “homage” to keep the lawyers away, this $20 wonder (with free shipping btw), is a pinhole camera. That means pretty much it’s as basic as you can get, even doing away with those little extras like a light meter, or mechanical shutter. The point is, if you want something that looks like an incredibly expensive high end camera, but has none of the actually functionality, here you go. Grab a Likea MPH. I mean, it’s only $20. I’d suggest you hurry though, because I suspect the site won’t be around for long.

[via Leica Rumors]