Magellan's new iPhone car kit does pretty much everything you can think of

When I hear “car kit,” I usually think cigarette lighter adapter and a rickety dash mount. Magellan’s new Premium Car Kit (creative name, there) costs a bundle but it’s got a pretty complete set of features and is mercifully back-compatible. If you’re looking to adapt your iPhone to your car and don’t want to buy more than one package, this would be a good one to go for. (Banana man added for emphasis)

The key features are:

  • Back-compatible (iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS and iPod touch 2G)
  • Adjustable dash mount (portrait/landscape/etc)
  • GPS receiver for boosting phone’s signal
  • Built-in speaker and noise-canceling microphone (or connect to your stereo)
  • Works with “all iPhone/iPod GPS navigation applications” – certainly the major ones, anyway
  • Accommodates most cases

The whole kaboodle costs $130, and yeah, you can get a dash mount for $10, but it’s just a piece of plastic. This practically turns your car into KITT. Personally, I tend to just put my phone in my pocket and forget about it when I get in the car, but if you’re a car kit kind of person, this thing might be up your alley.