First pictures and video: Japan finally has its 60-foot Gundam statue back

We’ve covered the 60-foot Gundam robot statue that was protecting Tokyo bay last summer quite a few times on CrunchGear, and we also showed you some pictures of Bandai re-erecting the big guy in Shizuoka. Last month, Gundam wasn’t quite ready. But now he is back, and he’s cooler than ever. Just look at the pictures.

The most noticeable difference to the previous model is the new “beam saber” that Gundam is holding in his right hand and that starts glowing in the night (see below).

Bandai hired famous anime creator Yoshiyuki Tomino to design the statue. It will be open to the public from July 24 till January 10, 2011, on East Shizuoka Square in Shizuoka City.

Here’s an early video I grabbed from YouTube:

Via IT Media [JP]