Final Fantasy XIV: September 30, 2010 (or 8 days earlier if you buy the collector's edition!)

Final Fantasy XIV for the PC now has a release date: September 30, 2010. There’s two editions, a standard edition and a collector’s edition. The standard edition will retail for $49.99 and the collector’s will go for $74.99. What do you get with the collector’s edition, hmm?

A fair bit, actually.

For starters you get to play the game eight days before the standard edition folks—provided the servers don’t melt down, of course.

You also get an exclusive in-game helmet, a security token (presumably something like the Blizzard Activator), a real life journal filled with concept art, and a fancy certificate of authenticity.

The cover art of the collector’s edition is done by Yoshitaka Amano, whose artwork makes Nomura‘s look like, well, mine.

Both editions will cost $12.99/month, but a free month is included with the purchase of either edition.

I did play the game at E3, but it was a little on the buggy side. Such things happen when developers pump out E3 demos: bugs ahoy. What I played was fun. It opened my eyes to the idea that, yes, that are MMOs other than WoW out there.