Hands-on: a-JAYS Three earphones

Fresh off the boat from Sweden are a-JAYS’ new pair of affordable ear buds — the a-JAYS Three. The set is priced at $60, which is somewhat of a tough price point as it’s just above the cheap, impulse-buy mark and high-end ‘phones traditionally start north of $100. But we’re not here to discuse market pricing schemes. Nope, we’re here to find out how these headphones sound and feel because that’s what really matters.


  • Comfy
  • Look great
  • Clever storage case


  • Kind of tinny sound
  • Not much of a high or low end


These aren’t high-end ‘phones but the sound quality is fine. They won’t blow you away with their highs or lows, but I’ll stop short of calling them flat. They can reproduce enough bass and treble to get the job done.

The a-JAYS Three do just fine with easy listening, alternative and pedestrian music. Don’t load-up hip-hop or hard rock with these, though. They just don’t have enough power to reproduce deep, clear sound at high volumes.

Overall though, they out clear and pleasant audio for the price.


Earphone comfort is just about as important as audio clarity. The last thing you want is pricey earphones that hurt your ears. The a-JAYS fit me just fine and they ship with five different-sized tips. It helps that the earbuds are really light and feel like they’re comfortably resting in my ears.


I like the storage case. It’s just a simple rotating container, but it’s strong, simple, and convenient. The only downside to the simple case is there isn’t a proper place to store the line splitter and airplane adapter that came with the ‘phones. I guess you could throw them in there with the earphones, but chances are they will eventually fall out as they’re not secured-down. Oh well.


The a-JAYS Three are nice earphones. I’m not sure I would buy them as they don’t do that well with my type of music, but that might not be the case for you. I can tell you that I’m sold on the a-JAYS styling and comfort, though. These are among some of the most comfy earphones I’ve ever used.