Video: Kobe Bryant challenges Brazil to a duel via Nike text message

Kobe Bryant, fresh from bringing another championship to Los Angeles, is in South Africa enjoying the sights and sounds of the World Cup. Even if Team USA is out, there’s still plenty of reasons to celebrate, chief among them that my fantasy team’s captain, Holland’s Wesley Sneijder, scored another goal. Beyond that, though, Kobe, a longtime soccer fan (remember when he visited FC Barcelona?), has been taking advantage of that Nike thing I mentioned the other day, the giant screen in the middle of Johannesburg.

As you can see in the video, Kobe has THROWN DOWN!~ He’s challenged Brazil to see who can win their sixth championship first. Brazil won its fifth World Cup back in 2002, and Kobe won his fifth NBA title a few days ago.

Now, granted, Kobe gets to try for his sixth ring every single year, while Brazil has to wait every four years.

And if Brazil doesn’t get it done this year—Brazil are still slight favorites ahead of Argentina and Spain—they’ll have a chance to do so with home field advantage in 2014.

In closing, my fantasy team needs a big game from Maicon today…