High school science teacher tricks his students into actual NASA assignment

First off, let me say that neatorama.com could be my favorite URL ever. Moving on… A Massachusetts high school science teacher recently put his three best students on a special assignment. They were told to imagine a world where some sort of spacecraft was hurtling toward Earth, and that it was up to them to figure out how they would record the event while onboard a separate aircraft. As you might expect, the teacher then REVEALED THAT HE WAS THE HIGHER POWER~! Wait, no. The teacher then revealed that their little science experiment was, in fact, an actual mission that would be carried out in conjunction with NASA.

So, the students and the teacher went to Japan, where they would board a DC-8 and take photos of the Hayabusa spacecraft.

The video actually taken by the kids is here, but embedded here is another video of the same event.