iFixit mercilessly pulls apart an iPhone 4

iPhone 4 tear down
Ah, iFixit, if there’s anyone more adept at being the first to dissect the latest toys, I’ve not met them. The latest gadget on their operating table is none other than the most lusted after device in the entire world: the iPhone 4.

Yes, most people are still waiting to even touch the device, and here it is splayed open for all the world to see.

Matter of fact, it’s happening as I type this. Yes, somewhere in the world right now, an iPhone 4 is being pulled into teeny tiny pieces, for your pleasure. Go and check their website now and get all the updates as they’re discovered in near-real time.
EDIT: yup, it’s all over now. But go and check it out anyway.

Findings so far confirm the 512MB RAM (as opposed to the 256MB seen in the prototype model), and what appears to be a screen made of the really quite tough Corning Gorilla Glass.

Speaking of Gorillas, have you seen this gorilla made of coat hangers? So awesome.

[via Engadget]