San Francisco passes law requiring mandatory display of phone radiation levels

Despite scientific studies showing no link between tumours and mobile phone radiation, San Francisco have decided that it is in the consumer’s best interest to clearly display the specific absorption rates (SAR) emitted by every phone sold.

The law requires phone retailers to display this information next to each phone in their store in at least 11 point type.

The FCC currently requires all phones sold in the US to have a SAR of less than 1.6 W/kg, but every phone has a different SAR, and the concern is that some people will think that some phones are safer than others, meaning poor little Johnny may miss out on an iPhone because of an over-protective and ill-informed parent.

Spare a thought for Johnny, won’t you?

Officials in San Fran are saying that the law isn’t meant to discourage mobile phone usage, but rather, is there to confuse inform consumers.

[via The NY Times]