Sprint EVO 4G is officially Sprint's fastest-selling device

HTC EVO 4GSprint have just proudly announced that their new hotness, the EVO 4G (reviewed here and here), has beaten the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct to become their fastest selling device ever.

And by “beaten” I mean “obliterated”: the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct were tied as Sprint’s previous best sellers, but the EVO 4G sold more than three times as many units in it’s first day than the two of them did combined over their first 3 days.

Sprint haven’t yet come clean with actual numbers, but that’s a pretty impressive improvement on the previous record.

Unsurprisingly, Sprint have suffered some temporary shortages of the device, but are restocking as fast as they can.

So, did you grab one over the weekend? How’s it going for you? Are you happy to trade battery life for its 4 inches of awesome? Let us know in the comments.