Android 2.2 also ported to iPhone

Froyo on iPhone 3GWe reported back in May that the iPhone 3G could run Android, but now comes the announcement that Android 2.2 (or Froyo) is on it’s way to the iPhone 3G. And let’s face it, why would you want anything but the very latest?

Besides, your 24 month contract is about to end, and after you upgrade to the 4th Gen iPhone, what else will you do with your old iPhone 3G?

Gadgets DNA have the instructions on how to load Froyo onto your handset, but don’t expect the world just yet: neither sound nor WiFi are working at the moment, but you can send SMS. Which is good, I guess.

Fearful of doing this yourself (probably wise)? We have a video ready for your vicarious viewing pleasure, below.

[via Mashable]