Unknown HTC Android phone appears, shrouded in mystery

HTC AriaFor those that have only recently tuned in, the Android Guys have just unearthed photos of an upcoming Android handset from HTC, which they speculate to be the forthcoming HTC Aria.

As you’ll recall, in last week’s episode, we thought that the HTC Aria was the QWERTY phone spotted at the FCC some months ago. However, the phone here appears to be of the slate variety… so… where does this leave us?

Confused for a start, but no more than usual after a long weekend.

We do know that it’s running Android 2.1 with Sense UI, has a 5MP camera, and is topped off with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

But, while it’s clear that this phone is no behemoth, the Android Guys say that their source called it “the smallest Android device” they’d seen, but that piece of card sitting next to the handset in the photo is apparently a business card. Now I just put a business card next to my HTC Hero, and the phone:card ratio looks about the same, so I don’t know what to trust. Will it have a 2.55″ screen like the XPERIA X10 Mini, or a 3.2″ screen like the HTC Wildfire? We just don’t know.

But fear not, dear readers! The Mystery Of The HTC Aria will conclude on June 7th, after AT&T make their scheduled announcement (over the top of someone else)!

Android Guys have a bunch more pics, too, so if you’re curious, be sure to check ’em out.

[via Android Central]