Hi Lux Pico Projector phone for $174? OK, I'll bite

This Chinese phone is trying desperately to look like a Vertu but features one of the most massive pico projectors I’ve ever seen.

The NCBC 888 phone with a built in pico projector takes media on a mobile phone to the next level. Anyone who has ever had to stare at a smallish screen (even if it is up to 4 inches) knows that after a while there eyes will begin to tire. Not with the NCBC however, as you are talking a mini projector with you wherever you go. Anything from watching movies with friends on the bus, to giving quick media presentations to colleges is possible. The phone also has a TFT 2.4 inch screen with responsive touchscreen control, a 1.9MP camera, allows WAP and GRPS internet connection, comes with up to 8GB of memory courtesy of a microSDHC card, and can act as two phones in one by use of dual SIM ports with dual standby.

You can get these little beauties for $172 and it has two SIM card slots, just in case you needed to make two calls at once. It’s a little corny-looking, but $172 for a pico projector is pretty rockin’.

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