Samsung LiMo-powered i8330 leaks, to be called Vodafone H2

Another day, another leak, right? Next up we have the Samsung LiMo-R3-powered i8330. The device will form part of the Vodafone 360 lineup in Europe, and will be known as the H2.

The specs so far seem decent, with a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, an 800×480 Super AMOLED screen, 8MP autofocus + flash camera with HD video recording, and the usual GPS, and WiFi, as well as a touch of HSDPA.

Now, if you’ve got a thing for obscure phone OSes, then this phone could be the thing for you, but with so many tasty Android handsets around, even the most obsessive of Linux fans will surely find more joy elsewhere.

Admittedly, the phone does build a strong bridge over the uncanny valley that divides higher-end feature phones from feature-laden smart phones, so there could be an interested market for it… if the price is right.

Samsung Firmwares (the site that provided the leaked images) say that the device should see a release sometime before the World Cup (June 11th), so Europeans can expect it soon. No word on prices or a US release just yet.

[via Slash Gear]