Holy cow! AT&T data tethering revealed in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4

iPhone Tethering Screenshot
You heard it right! AT&T have finally given their approval to allow their bazillion or so iPhone users to hook their computer up to AT&T’s magical data waves, tether stylee.

Tethering was first introduced as an option in iPhone OS 3.0, but AT&T wouldn’t let US users get in on the laptop-on-iPhone action, for fear that their network would explode. So, up until this point, tethering has strictly been an international affair, despite AT&T’s looming promise of “soon“.

While I’m not directly affected by this issue (I’m Australian, and don’t own an iPhone), it’s not like you guys haven’t been waiting like a million years or anything, so I’m happy for you. No, really. *hugs*

If you’ve updated to OS 4.0 beta 4, and you’re not seeing the tethering option, just reset your network settings, and everything should be hunky dory.

[via Gizmodo]