Columbia gets into the sports watch market in a big way

Columbia just jumped head first into the sports watch buisness with nine different model lines spanning three distinct market segments. Chances are that if you need a watch for an outdoors activity, one of these new watches will fit the bill as they feature everything from an altimeter, to a barometer, to a compass — all for a bit less than other sports watches from Casio or Suunto.

Each one of the three segments — travel, trail, and water — features three model lines, each at a different price point. The top of the line models are of course the most feature-filled and retail for $250 with the median line costing between $150 and $125, with the least expensive models costing $75. Smart move on Columbia’s part. It takes a lot of the guess work out of the buying decision as each price-point drop also eliminates a few features.

Watch nerds might be a bit hesitant to drop the cash on a watch from a company like Columbia though. These geeks might point out something about the movement or face design. But most watch nerds rarely go outside (e.g. John Biggs) and probably aren’t in Columbia’s targeted market anyway. These watches are meant for the rest of us. [Columbia]