Evri Shutters Twine, Launches Evri Thing Tech Android App (iPhone Is Next)

Realtime content discovery engine Evri is moving into mobile today with the launch of a tech news reader on Android phones called Everi Thing Tech. It is available in the Android market, and a nearly identical app is awaiting approval for the iPhone (screenshots below). A desktop client is in the works as well.

EvriThing Tech delivers tech news in predefined channels such as “Venture Capital,” “Web Giants,” Social And Real-Time Web,” and “Gadgets.”  Evri’s realtime semantic matching algorithms deliver news in those categories to your phone.  Soon, with future upgrades, you will be able to create and add your own channels on any topic.

Right now on Everi’s site, you can create your own interest channels by following any person, place, or thing that Evri recognizes.  For instance, here is channel about Google news, tweets, and related images and videos. Here is one for Facebook and LeBron James. Soon Evri will allow you to create more loosely defined channels around concepts like the “BP oil spill” which you will be able to follow and share with other Evri users. “We want Evri to be your workhorse,” says Evri CEO Will Hunsinger. “We will go around the web and find out what is interesting to you. Then you go and consume it.”

Evri is incorporating the semantic indexing technology from its recent acquisition of Radar Networks into its products. Unfortunately, Radar’s existing product, Twine is being shut down. Today is the last day it will be available, you can still export your bookmarks and other data before the shutdown.