PlayStation Move Controller will cost $60, expected Sept. 1st

News has been pretty sparse about the pricing or availability of the PlayStation Move controller, but GameStop thinks they have the down low on when and how much. GameStop’s Canadian site is showing the (expected) release date along with the pricing.

This could of course be idle speculation (GameStop usually just puts an arbitrary date in their system when they start accepting pre-orders), but the pricing looks about right. Keep in mind this is the controller alone, and GameStop has priced it at $59.99 CAD, which exchanges to $58.77 US. Of course in the past Sony has priced product the same in Canada as the US, so who knows.

GameStop’s US website currently has no pre-order or release information available, and they show the probable launch date as November. Do the Canadians know something we don’t?

Update: the link is now dead on

[via Engadget]