Wikipedia finds out first-hand that, in America, the naked human body is a terribly sinful thing


We can observe some 170 billion galaxies in the known universe, and I’m thoroughly convinced that this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, is the dumbest one of them all. Quite an accomplishment! Wikipedia has come under fire, from complete dunderheads, for hosting “pornographic” content. What type of pornographic content? You know, things like the photo of a NAKED MAN AND WOMAN in the article about humans. That’s pornography to these people. Again, I hope the sun explodes, that way I won’t have to deal with these dumb stories.

And who’s responsible? Fox News!

Gloated the network:

The move came as was in the process of asking dozens of companies that have donated to Wikimedia Foundation — the umbrella group behind Wikimedia Commons and its Wiki projects, including Wikipedia — if they were aware of the extent of graphic and sexually explicit content on the sites.

Maybe we should contact Encyclopedia Britannica because its article on human anatomy contains a tiny drawing of a female bosom. AVERT YE EYES, HUMAN FLESH WILL CORRUPT YOUR SOUL~!

Never mind the fact that Wikipedia is hosted on the Internet. Fun fact: there’s pornography, honest to goodness pornography, on there! A heck of a lot more explicit than a stupid photo pointing out the different parts of the human body. “Eyes, nose, ears, BREASTS AAAAAAHHH.”

I’m nearly certain this reverse-infatuation with the human body is a phenomenon exclusive to the United States of America, so hooray for us. Maybe if this country didn’t have such a bat-shit crazy attitude toward sex and/or the human body things would be a little better.

We’re all people, America. We can get through this if we try. Step one: stop being babies.