Video: Return of the Blackberry Slider… from beyond!

So, I hear you liked the shots of the upcoming Blackberry 9800 slider last week.

While the shots themselves were no good, the phone in them seemed interesting enough, no?

I’m glad you agree with me, because I have here the next step in the phone-leak-shuffle: the hands-on video.

Yes, Boy Genius Report have gotten their hands on the first video of the up-and-coming, BB OS 6.0-powered, BlackBerry 9800 slidephone.

Sadly, there is still no further news (spec- or price-wise) other than the 320 x 480 display, UMTS/HSPA radios, WiFi 802.11n, and a Summer release date.

We’ll be sure n’ keep you informed if anything else arises, ok?

In the mean time, check out the video, below.

[via Slash Gear]