Samsung releases Bada SDK to developers – will anyone care?

And so it begins: Samsung has just released the first build of the SDK for Bada, their built-in-house Smartphone platform. The SDK comes complete with it’s own user interface creation tool, debugger, simulator, and API set. Alas, it’s currently Windows-only.

Developers are one of the most key ingredients to whether or not a platform succeeds. Developers flocked to the iPhone, and seem to finally be warming up to Android. Just about every other platform, however, seems to be having a hard time pulling developers into their camp. Will devs embrace Bada?

Probably not – at least not for the time being. While Samsung has plans to launch a number of Bada phones around the world, they’ve yet to formally announce plans for any outside of the Wave — and they haven’t even confirmed the Wave is coming to the US.

Apple brought a massive market all using one device, with an SDK born out of a foundation (Cocoa) that has been in the works for decades. Google’s Android offers up a constantly expanding armory of handsets that carriers are willing to dump massive ad budgets into as their answer to the iPhone. If Samsung wants to garner the interest of developers, they’re going to have to figure out (and proudly proclaim) what they bring to the table.

[Via Phonescoop]