Iwata: Nintendo 3DS's 3D functionality can be turned off

Another hint! Iwata says you can just switch the 3D right off. There was some question when the 3D nature of Nintendo’s next handheld was revealed, but this clears things right up. I think. Wait… if you can just turn off the 3-D capability, what does that say about the display itself? And the games — you can just switch between 3-D and not 3-D, does that mean every game has to be playable in 2-D? This doesn’t answer any questions at all!

Speaking to Forbes magazine, the Nintendo president cited health concerns among other things in the decision to make 3-D optional. Of course, as we know, the console will be back compatible with DS games, so maybe that’s all he’s referring to.

At any rate we’ll find out at E3 in June. We’ll be live at the announcement and hopefully will get hands-on, so stay tuned.

[via Go Nintendo]