Booyah Hits 2 Million, Stealing Foursquare's Thunder

Just a quick update on yesterday’s post on Booyah:
While we were busy trying to guess the number of jellybeans in Foursquare’s jar, Booyah was quietly, but swiftly, amassing new users. Guess what, it just hit the 2 million mark. As I mentioned previously, the company was on track to gain roughly 500,000 users a month.

MyTown reached the landmark on Monday night, a 100% gain from less than three months ago. 2010 has been a great year for the iPhone app: hitting half a million in January, 1 million in February, and now 2 million in May. For comparison, Foursquare has roughly 1.1 million users, Gowalla is sitting near 250,000.

Booyah is aggressively tweaking the app’s functionality, it released version 3.1 on Tuesday and plans to release the next version later this month. The company also says it’s working on letting users add locations on top of the current database to address one of the major complaints about the service.

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