Video: What to make of the Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer?

Surely by now you’ve seen the first teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops. What do you think?

I will admit that I’m coming into Black Ops with a gigantic chip on my shoulder, and I’m not altogether convinced that I need another first-person shooter in my life right now. Maybe that will change by November, when the game is scheduled to come out, but considering it’ll be up against the likes of Halo: Reach

The trailer doesn’t show a whole lot (but it’s a teaser so that’s fine). We do know that the game will take place in the period of the Cold War, focusing on the peripheral skirmishes that weren’t “cold” at all. Think Cuba, Vietnam, and the Arctic.

I’m sure it’ll be a fine game. Treyarch sorta gets a bum rap, but World at War wasn’t a bad game by any means. As good as Call of Duty 4? Probably not, no, but that was one of the better console shooters ever released.

But as hinted, Halo: Reach comes out right around the same time: where will you invest your Shoot The Man On The Other Team hours (and dollars)?