Charry: Outdoor charging box for electric vehicles

One critical factor that stands in the way of electric vehicles becoming mainstream is the lack of charging stations once you’re on the road with your e-bike or electric car. In the case of bicycles, 37km, for example (as seen in Panasonic’s newest models), isn’t a bad number for an assisted travel distance, but it’s not enough for those really long trips.

A Japanese company called Shin Nikkei has developed what seems to be part of the solution. The Charry [JP], a charging “box” that’s small in size, relatively inexpensive and suitable for outdoor use. The main idea is to make it possible for operators of small parking (and similar) spaces to let people charge their small electric vehicles (everything from bikes to cars or motorcycles) while on the go.

The Charry houses two power outlets (100 and 200V), a lock and a timer. Shin Nikkei is saying it can be used not only for charging electric vehicles but for other things such as grilling (seriously), too. But the box is mainly meant to make life easier for owners of electric bikes, about 300,000 of which are being sold in Japan alone per year.

The Charry goes on sale in Japan this Thursday and costs $2,700 (including the stand).